Sometimes I Feel Like a Child Pretending To Be an Adult

According to a 1960 study, adult personalities are formed as young as 1st grade. Essentially the person we are at the core, is present then, just with a lot less maturity.

So I had a thought: If we have the same personality since 1st grade, how does that translate into becoming an adult? It puts a lot into perspective because sometimes I feel like I’ve been making this adult stuff up as I go along.

We are changed by the way that life touches us. The environments we grow in; who was absent and who is present. Things we want now we may not have been ready for a week or five years ago. The great thing about being a human is that we have the capacity to make choices that are informed by our growth. May we all be blessed with the strength not to be held back by fear of the unknown. Let us choose to be propelled forward into growth by trusting that God has calculated the risks for us and provided a way through. Let us trust ourselves to be deserving of all the good and see any of the bad as a temporary trial on the way to overcoming. After all, the same you that wondered how life as an adult would be, is still riding with you, watching the story unfold with its plot twists and turns, surprise endings, and predictable actions. They are cheering you on from the floor seats. Give ‘em a good show. 😁🙏🏾💙


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