Tomorrow Is Not Promised…

To anyone. Mortal awareness is something that is inherent in us all from the bugs to the birds. Soccer moms and celebrities. Death is finite and complete. It’s the one thing we cannot escape. It’s impending sentence makes us painfully aware of life and how precious it is. 

Sometimes we live like there is no tomorrow. Sometimes we feel our lives are so unworthy of living that we wish for a tomorrow that comes without us. Really, all we want is to love and be loved just for who God made us to be and if we can live a life less ordinary, filled with purpose and intentional love, we are closer to Him than we yet realize.

No one knows the day, hour, or minute. Life is a race against a clock that no one can see.  Thoughts and feelings. Kisses and hugs. Hopes and dreams. Trust and contentment. These concrete things and abstract ideas make up a continuous heartbeat of the human race. All connected with our nuances called personalities.

Tomorrow that clock could stop for anyone of us or those we love. Don’t let a moment that could be a beautiful memory go by, uncreated. Don’t let a kind or thoughtful word go unspoken. 

I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to write kind words on your behalf. Shared plenty of laughs. Got sage advice. You lived your life and had fun doing it. It wasn’t always easy, but you made it look so. You are well loved and will be sorely missed, and I can only imagine what those that knew you best are going through. You gone is like extinguishing the brightest of lights. A storm in the daytime, with a dark cloud snuffing out the rays of the sun. Peaceful journey friend. Until we meet again…


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