No Time Is The Right Time…


I won’t make it on my own. I need to stay for the kids. I will feel ashamed, guilty, embarrassed. What if I fail?

Oh but love, what if you succeed? What if you are happy, healthy and free? What if you remember who you are and know who you want to be? No time is the right time, for the right time is now. Take the first step, or a leap, a jump…crawl, then walk. Whatever is looming on the other side can’t be as bad as what you have to leave behind. Fear and anxiety are all a result of your imagination anyway. Let it/him/her/them/they go back to the rock from which they came. And you go fly. Hit a cloud on your way up and feel the sun on your face. Buy the picture frame for all the new poses. I’m smiling thinking about your smile. Someone needs you to be a testimony. Clear the path and walk away from the things that don’t serve you or your purpose. You’ve done the research and you wouldn’t have if you were content, so there’s your answer. You’re welcome. Now go! *slight push* Go on!


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