Booked & Busy, Boo…

Ahem! Listen. I am a busy person, but I know how NOT to be busy for whom I want to be available. The older I get, the more I operate under the theory that telling people we are “busy” is a selfish thing. Busyness is not always good. We get so wrapped up in what it is we (and lets be honest what others are doing) that we miss out on the good things and people in life. I for one don’t want to take anyone, or anything for granted. This life is a fine balance of prioritizing our most precious resources; time and opportunity. One arguably can’t exist without the other. Stop the I’m busy and call up a friend to eat chocolate and drink wine. Finish that book. Get your graduate degree. Drop that grudge. Tell her/him how much they mean to you. Learn to make quiche! Drive to Canada. Every busy day that passes us is a wasted opportunity for relation or realization. Stop and smell the roses, turn off your phone and see the butterflies; feel them. Life is too amazing to be “too busy” to notice.


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