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Welcome to my blog, within a blog TTUA’s Audio Philes™!

Sometimes I think I’m clever, and so this name stood out to me. The literal definition: Image result for audiophile definition

I am seriously passionate about music. It is one of the things that informs my love for nostalgia, and is a great conversation starter when alone in a room full of strangers. (Nothing like a discussion on how Break My Stride by Mathew Wilder rekindles fond memories of getting a ViewMaster® at Kmart with Huggabunch film slides). Even the majority of my romantic interests have been musically inclined in some way because I just can’t imagine kissing someone that doesn’t at LEAST know where to find middle C on a keyboard. I myself am not a musician, but I manage to make in-tune and somewhat pleasant sounds with my voice, and have a great appreciation for artists that have a knack for making music with great lyrics, melody, and arrangement.

What you will find here:

Album Profiles (past and present)

Sometimes a particular record will be in my mind and I will post about it, and any memory, good or bad associated with it.

Album Reviews 

There will be reviews because I like to share why I think something is great or not so great. I tend to shy away from “singles”. In my opinion, a great album is a complete body of work with a majority of excellent songs. To me, if an album has 10 tracks, 7 out of ten of those tracks have to be superb in order to get the “classic album” rating. Feel free to agree or disagree, but know that all opinions are valid, but on this site, mine are valid-er. And yes, I know that’s not a word. You’re welcome.

Artist/Catalogue Discussion 

Sometimes the artists themselves are worthy of profiling because they consistently put out excellent art and their entire catalogue boggles the mind. Or, perhaps they put lightning in an LP once then retired to a catfish farm. It’s not my job to judge…but I applied, and hopefully I will get hired and then I can tell you how great that one album was and how I don’t eat catfish in protest of their retirement.

Liner Note Rabbit Hole

My favorite part! I READ THE LINER NOTES. They are the innards of music. If so and so produced/arranged/wrote the song I played on repeat 20 times because it spoke to my soul, I am going to research other songs so and so produced/arranged/wrote and it is highly probable that I will travel down the rabbit hole and uncover other great artists that collaborate with said producer/arranger/writer. Always keep a bag packed.


I made the decision to invest in a nice vintage record player as an audiophile. I am super excited to buy LPs and 45s for this endearing relic. There will be album cover pictures, videos and audio that serve as media for album profiles, see Album Profiles

Thanks for following, and if you aren’t following, please follow. If there are any discussions you would like to have happen, leave a comment, or email. For information on my albums wish list or where to buy recommendations, please visit my Discogs page at: Mizzabztractsol – DJ Mo Betta Blue


Ciao Fellow Philes,

Wannabe DJ Tee







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