Okay 2018, I’ll tell you What I Want. What I Really, Really Want…

I want to make faith, forgiveness, and discipline cornerstones to my happiness, which by now, I figured out truly comes from inside. I discovered that if I value myself, the way God values me, then I won’t allow other’s opinions of me, or actions toward me, diminish that value. I’m a million gold coins times infinity yo.

I want to be comfortable by myself or with others without presumptions or anxiety.

I want to expect nothing and give everything.

I want purpose in action.

I want to make memories that last with the people I love.

I want to cry more tears of happiness than sadness.

I want to practice more gratefulness than complaining.

I want to make taking time for myself MORE of a priority.

I ams what I ams. (C) Popeye And I will not apologize for it!

I want to be filled up with so much love that there is plenty of overflow for even those who hate and lastly,

I want the best for you, you, and you too. Happy New Year!!

What’s your personal theme for 2018? What do you want to accomplish?


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  1. Sister I love this!!!! I want to be filled up with Kelley!!! That sounds crazy but there used to be so much that I loved about myself. As I learn to navigate these new roles in my life, I want to fall in love with this evolving woman and never look back so I can become a greater me!

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