One thing I like about…

#TallerThanUrAverage is that it’s not just a stature, it’s a state of mind. Taller as in “above” or “out there”; “different”. Just so happens DNA chose this for me as sort of a cause and effect scenario I am just learning to embrace.

Today, the juice in my life battery is drained. I’m trying to connect to the main source of energy to get a push, but in the meantime, when I tell you I have NOT the energy, I mean I skipped the lotion on today. Like, I care NOT that my brown body is gonna suffer the ash storm. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Speaking of storms…prayers are with my friends, fam, and folks I don’t know in the Houston/Harvey area. God will restore all that is lost, I’m believing for you! Donate to a reputable charity that can help give aid to those affected. I’m doing so today.
Puttin’ my pants on one leg at a time,



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