I Spend A Large Portion of my life…

Just trying not to f**k s**t up. Stuff like looking down when I walk to make sure I don’t trip and fall over my size 12 feet. Or writing a 4 page email to explain how I feel because I know I’ll just end up crying or putting my foot in my mouth if I say it. 

Yesterday, I got into a car accident. I’m still here and writing this, so I’m obvi ok. And it wasn’t my fault! (Just puttin’ that out there). But it’s another hitch in the inevitable giddy up of life.

1. I don’t have a car at the moment.

2. My whole body feels like I was in a fight that I lost after neck, shoulder, and knee butting the hell outta them.

3. I just put two new tires and some other work into my truck and it is now sitting in a junk lot at Steve’s Towing.

I was pondering getting a new car eventually, but not like this. 

“God, you know I meant I wanted a new car…without having to get into an accident with the old one, right?

Yes? Okay, just checking… 

I know, I know. Your ways are Mysterious like Making the Band 2. Ill let you do your God thang, and this time, can I have a Chevy with accident alert?”

#Accident #NotMobile #StillGottaWork #BounceBack #Mysterious #MakingTheBand2 #WishIWasSippinOnSomeMordisee #HongrybutCantBuyAVittle #CanILive?


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