Unlike Everyone Else

Besides this being my #2 favorite track on The Velvet Rope (“You” is my fave), I love the hidden track after the song that repeats the message “Don’t let nobody tell you you ain’t strong enough.” Poor grammar aside, in my moments of weakness, which are more prevalent than I let on, I think back on all the times I was told, or made to believe, that I was not enough, not special, or strong. My inner voice then was weak and malleable. My spiritual confidence was null. I could tell you all the things that were wrong, unsure of what was valuable or right. Over the years, that voice doesn’t go away, it grows with you. With all the things that have occurred in my life, I know that it has taken a special kind of strength that I never knew I had, placed within in me at the beginning that radiated from me when put to the test. A quiet strength. A value and a specialness you can’t put a price on. You too. So don’t give up, because what they say, means nothing. Who you are is everything you are meant to be and unlike everyone else. And that, is special.


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