Shrink the Height Away

I had a dream in college that I was 5’4 and wore a size 5 shoe. I went into this cute little boutique and found the most sexy pair of shoes with a 4″ heel. I bought them. Then I woke up in a pool of sweat. I feared for my height. How could I even dream of buying a pair of shoes that would make me taller, even if I was short in my dream?


For the longest time, I walked around uneasy and introverted. More sure of the fact that I was different than most girls. Not only because I loved jazz, was into technology, and was a nerd of epic proportions, but also because I have been taller than most girls and guys since the 2nd grade. I believe the slight curve between the bottom of my neck and the top of my spine is a result of trying to disappear into my own skin, a place in which I was never really comfortable.


Even at my age, married, with a child who will inevitably deal with the same height issues, it took a while to find things that I liked about myself. Being tall used to be at the bottom of the list, ntil I realized how much easier it is to hide 240 lbs at 5’10 than it is at 5’4. Take that dream!!


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